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Is an FHA Loan Right for You?


We’ll help you decide:

  • Do you need a loan with a lower down payment requirement? The minimum down payment for a Texas FHA loan is 3.5% and – as opposed to most conventional loan requirements – you can get assistance or gift funds from a family member, employer, or charitable organization.
  • Do you have imperfect credit? People with credit problems or even a bankruptcy may qualify for an FHA loan in Texas. This is because the greater emphasis is placed on your income, length of employment and job security.
  • Do you need a loan with no prepayment penalty? FHA loans have no prepayment penalties for early pay-off.
  • Do you want to purchase an “unconventional” home? FHA loans are available for more than single-family dwellings and condominiums. They can be used to finance residential 1-4 unit properties, manufactured homes, and mobile homes. There’s even a special loan program for purchasing a fixer-upper that includes the money needed to make repairs.
  • Do you want to help with your closing costs and/or prepaid items? FHA allows up to 6% in sellers concessions to go towards closing costs and prepaid items.
  • Do you want a loan with low-interest rates? FHA mortgage rates are typically lower than the interest rate on a conventional/conforming loan.
  • Do you want a mortgage that is assumable? FHA loan is assumable, and that’s a significant benefit. When it comes time to sell, a buyer can take over the seller’s existing FHA loan instead of taking out a new mortgage at whatever the current rate is at that time.

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